Hard Money Loans

Unlike banks, with their strict lending criteria, hard money lenders have fewer requirements. Hard money has easy qualifying criteria and is a short-term loan, between 12 months to 3 years.

Consider these advantages:

  • Speed - Good deals need to be closed fast and can be refinanced later.
  • Loan Denial – Banks can ruin a deal by turning down the loan after escrow has been opened. Hard Money can save the deal at the last minute in just a few days.
  • Return on Investment - Many investors can close a deal and re-sell it, all in the time it would take to get conventional financing approved. This kind of speed equals more deals in less time, which equals greater return on investment.
  • Property Type – Banks can be very selective about what deals they fund. Hard Money can get almost any deal funded that banks just can’t touch!
  • Fix & Flip Property Condition – Conventional banks will turn down a loan for property that needs repair or rehabilitation. Hard Money is designed to fund purchase and rehab!
  • Documentation – Some deals can take months of documentation and explanations. Hard Money can close in days with little red-tape!
  • Bad Credit – Hard Money can fund bad credit deals that banks will not consider!

If you have a commercial financing need, Our company has a program for you. Whether you desire to purchase, refinance, or construct a commercial building, we are your best source for financing.

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