Mobile Home Park Classifications

CLASS A: These parks are manufactured housing communities that look like good residential neighborhoods with exceptional landscaping. Over 90% of the homes are owned by the residents – all of the homes are double and triple-wides set back from the street, there are curbs and gutters, paved roads, underground utilities, manicured lawns, good road lighting, usually city water and sewer. Furthermore, the pads have good landscaping, often a community activity building, a swimming pool and playground.

CLASS B: These manufactured housing communities usually have about 90% of resident owned homes which are almost all double-wides or larger with moderate quality landscaping. They have paved roads, underground utilities, good road lighting, city water and sewer, or private sewage system, and there might be some amenities such as a swimming pool or playground.  These parks have absolutely no clutter in thier yards.

CLASS C: These parks have 10% - 20% park owned homes, are usually 50% or more single-wides, 50% or less double-wides; usually, but not always, have paved roads, have street lighting, likely have above ground utilities and may have city water and sewer, or have a private sewer system. Residents mostly have no clutter in their yards.

CLASS D: These parks usually have almost all old single-wides, and a majority of park owned homes which lack the pride of home ownership since they are rented. There is almost always gravel roads, above ground utilities, city water and sewer or a private sewer system, poor quality landscaping if any and clutter in many of the yards.


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